Sunday Morning

Conversation with my son:
Mal: Elephant?
Me: You want to read the Elephant Book? (Horton Hears a Who)
Mal: MmHmm!

We read the book, but he gets bored about half way through. So I turn on the TV to watch sunday morning political talk.

Mal: Elephant?
Me: No, we’re not going to watch the Elephant (Horton Hears a Who animated movie)
Mal frowns, furrows brow: Obama?
Me: Yes.
Mal, furrowed brow, whiney: Nooooo…


Teaching my son to build cushion forts.

We’re only to the stage of using pillows on mommy and daddy’s bed. I built it up around him, using him to support the pillows and once he was fully enclosed he called out “Daddy? Daddy?” I moved one of the pillows to the side to look in and he held out his hand, opening and closing it, and said something sort of like “come in?” There wasn’t really room for me, but I got most of my head in there with him.