Teaching my son to build cushion forts.

We’re only to the stage of using pillows on mommy and daddy’s bed. I built it up around him, using him to support the pillows and once he was fully enclosed he called out “Daddy? Daddy?” I moved one of the pillows to the side to look in and he held out his hand, opening and closing it, and said something sort of like “come in?” There wasn’t really room for me, but I got most of my head in there with him.

Trick or Treat

Our one trick or treater came at 10:30pm. A little 12yo muslim girl. I couldn’t tell her costume. Maybe she was dressed as a muslim for halloween.

“Trick or treat?” she said.
“You’re our only trick or treater all day. You want all of it?” I asked.
“Um…Yes.” she said.
Pour candy into her basket.
Walk upstairs kind of self satisfied over pouring a shitload of candy into a little girl’s bag.
Wife: “You gave her 6 dollars worth of candy?”
“Well, who else was I going to give it to?”
Wife: “I like candy.”