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A while ago I discovered that the reason Ian starts counting backward from 60 at seemingly random times is that, when I say “just a minute,” he takes me literally and counts down the seconds.…

Dreaming of Sleeping

Woke up this morning to Ian really wanting me to get out of bed. It was early, so I just ushered him into my bed and under the covers to buy myself some time. He…


Did homework with Ian tonight. He lit up like a christmas tree. He’s so eager to learn and so imaginative that it almost seems like he’s been filling the intellectual void with his own, fast-paced…

If you happy and you know it cwap you hands

If you happy and you know it cwap you hands

Ian was walking around his bedroom this morning holding a big, black spider halloween decoration – the kind with wiry legs so you can pose it or wrap it around something. He had one of its…


Welcome Malcolm’s little brother, Ian Shaw Johnston, to the world! Time of birth: 6:20 am, July 22, 2010.


Looks like it’s time to go on baby high alert.

Fetus update

Just got back from our 20 week ultrasound. We’re gonna be having another boy! Everything is perfectly healthy. Not a thing to worry about. Approximate due date: 7-30-2010. A week before malcolm’s birthday.

We’re pregnant

There’s no sense in hiding it anymore. Some know already and some don’t. Now I can update Facebook smile emoticon.