First day of school!

“Did you take pictures of me at school? Haha… that’s me when I was confused!”


First day of school half achieved. Malcolm refused to let me take pictures of him, so had to do it surreptitiously.


But an hour after I dropped them off, at work loudly and excitedly telling everyone who stopped by my desk how relieved I was to be back, I got a call from the school nurse telling me Malcolm had a temperature over 100ยบ. She recommended taking him to see a doctor so I let his mom know. She suggested calling a telephone nurse consulting service, who then told me I was a bad parent for allowing my child to become so dehydrated and that I needed to get him to the ER immediately!

Loaded him into the car and shot off to Swedish ER. Along the way, every single person I talked to saw Malcolm talking, walking, alert, and responsive, then basically patted me on the head as though I was an overreacting, overprotective parent and suggested that I instead book an appointment with a physician in order to save a little money.


ER doctor: “Heh heh heh. It’s a cold and he look
s just fine. Definitely not dehydrated. Sometimes colds go on for several days and in varying degrees of severity. Let me get you some instructions about administering Tylenol and keeping a water bottle within reach.”