Looks like it’s time to go on baby high alert.

Regarding poop

Kris bought Malcolm the book “Everyone Poops,” and he loves to read it. But when he asks for it, the name changes to some random, strange relative of the title. Usually something between “Somebody Pooped”…


Malcolm at his happiest: standing on a tractor, driving a toy car on the tractor. Now if only he were throwing a rock into a pond at the same time, this would be perfect.


For some above and beyond type weekends at work, three in a row, my boss gave me this Friday off with pay. So Kris and I, having been gifted some passes to the Pacific Science…


Let’s name this kid! Everything but “Malcolm” is on the table.

Fetus update

Just got back from our 20 week ultrasound. We’re gonna be having another boy! Everything is perfectly healthy. Not a thing to worry about. Approximate due date:¬†7-30-2010. A week before malcolm’s birthday.

We’re pregnant

There’s no sense in hiding it anymore. Some know already and some don’t. Now I can update Facebook¬†smile emoticon.