Sunday Morning

Conversation with my son: Mal: Elephant? Me: You want to read the Elephant Book? (Horton Hears a Who) Mal: MmHmm! We read the book, but he gets bored about half way through. So I turn…

Headed for Whistler

Malcolm is singing “all done car?” in the back seat. We just got through Everett.


Hanging out with my brother, waiting for Malcolm to wake up.


Teaching my┬áson to build cushion forts. We’re only to the stage of using pillows on mommy and daddy’s bed. I built it up around him, using him to support the pillows and once he was…


Coraline is likely the best 3D movie ever made.

Poor guy

Tending to a little boy with a cough that keeps waking him up.

Trick or Treat

Our one trick or treater came at 10:30pm. A little 12yo muslim girl. I couldn’t tell her costume. Maybe she was dressed as a muslim for halloween. “Trick or treat?” she said. “You’re our only…