School paperwork daze

Tucked away in the usual packet of permission slips to allow the school to take care of my child’s basic needs that was sent home with him today:

Consent to release of information:

Consent is assumed if it is not expressly withheld. Non-consent will disallow the following:

Photo and name in annual yearbook.
Media release allowing media and school, to photograph, video, and interview him. These can be posted on the school’s or district website or social media accounts and used by private media outlets.
Photograph and directory information can be posted in school or district directory.

Directory information is defined as: Parent or guardian name, student’s name and address, home telephone number, home email address, photograph, date of birth, date of enrollment, grade level, enrollment status, degree or award received, major field of study, participation in athletic programs, and other information that would not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. It does not define “harmful” or “invasion of privacy” nor by whom that definition is made.

Any lack of response is considered consent.

I’m not fond of this form. Mixing consent for the yearbook with consent to allow him to participate in interviews and photographs by private media companies or SPS and posting them to SPS websites and social media channels is unfair. I would like to give consent for school and/or media release of this information on an individual basis but also not have him excluded from the yearbook.

Requiring blanket consent to these things just to have him included in the yearbook makes me uncomfortable. I’m going to send my comments to the school to see if there are any other options.

Am I missing something? This just doesn’t seem right.