The Cat is Boring

The argument that kept my boys awake half an hour past bed time:

Malcolm: “Dad, the cat won’t sit in bed with me. Now it’s boring.”

Ian: “The cat is boring?”

Mal: “No, it’s boring. The cat’s not boring.”

Ian: “Well, the cat’s boring to me because she was in your bed.”

Mal: “That doesn’t make her boring!”

Ian: “She’s boring to me.”

Mal: “You’re boring!”

Ian: “No! The cat’s boring.”

Mal: “You’re boring!”

Ian: “No! You’re boring!”

Mal: “No, you!”

Dad: “Would you both stop talking and go to sleep please? It doesn’t matter who’s boring because it’s bed time and boring is a part of going to sleep!”

One of them: “I’m not tired.”

The other: “Me either.”